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Name:Lutefisk Contributor:Mark Morrissey
Description:Lutefisk From Scratch Posted:2008-09-22
Key words:delicacy, Norwegian, lye Category:Main Dishes
ID:861 Updated:2008-09-22 10:09:55
Ingredients:1 kg dried fish
100 g caustic soda
30 liters of water
Preparation:Saw the fish in suitably sized pieces or leave it whole. Put in water. Leave in water in a cool place for 5-6 days if cut in pieces, 8 days if the fish is whole. Change the water every day.

Place the fish in the tub with the skin side up. Dissolve caustic soda in the water, pour over the fish until covered complete by lut water. Leave the fish in a cold place for 3-4 days.

When the fish is completely luted, it will be well swollen and you should be able to put a finger through it. Rinse the fish and leave in cold water 4-6 days. Change water every day.

If the fish stays in water for too long after the luting, it may be soft and difficult to boil. Test boil a piece, if you are uncertain.

(Cappelens Kokebok, Ed.: Aase Stromstad, Oslo 1968)
Notes:- Feeds 10 people
- Time needed: about 2 weeks
- Do not make lutefisk in the warm season.
- 1 kg dry fish makes about 5 kg lutefisk.
Equipment:For the luting use a plastic or stainless steel or enameled tub (the
enamel must be unchipped). Wooden vessels, china or stoneware may also
be used.

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