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Name:Blue Cheese Garlic Dip Contributor:Jack Tavares
Description:A tasty, tangy, garlicy cheesey dip Posted:2008-11-19
Key words:blue cheese, garlic Category:Appetizers
ID:864 Updated:2008-11-19 11:47:50
Ingredients:1 "brick" cream cheese, softened (in Egypt, one can substitute "labna")
1 to 2 wedges of blue cheese.
1 splash (about 2 Tbs of milk)
1 head roasted garlic
1 squirt (1 or 2 tsps) of hot sauce. We use Sri Racha
Preparation:Break up the blue cheese into crumbles.
Put the blue cheese, cream cheese and peeled roasted garlic cloves into
a food processor.

Blend until well blended. Add milk (or even mayonnaise) if too thick and you
desire a thinner texture. It is really up to you what texture you end up with.

Then add the squirt or so of hot sauce (or not) to your taste. Whir in processor
to mix.


Allow to come to room temp before serving.
Notes:Serve with crackers, or carrot sticks or crusty bread or flat "arabic" bread.

Caution: all members of a co-habitating group are required to eat some. The reek of garlic will be upon thee.

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