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Name:Seared Tuna Contributor:Shasta Willson
Description:Seared Tuna Posted:2009-03-15
Key words:sashimi Category:Main Dishes
ID:871 Updated:2009-03-15 21:26:55
Ingredients:Two tuna medallions.
A bit of leftover* bacon fat (including some smallish bits of bacon.)
* or cook up one piece of bacon and eat it. :)

juice from one lemon
dash of soy sauce
dash of dark sesame oil
Preparation:Coat tuna heavily with freshly ground pepper and sear until as cooked as you like. We like them sashimi style in the middle, which I find is easier if they're frozen (or partly) when I start. (I do the same thing with steak to keep the middle rare while the outside is well seared.)

Set tuna aside and make sauce:

To the remaining juices and such in the pan, add lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil. Cook down lightly until you have a concentrated bit of juice.

Stir in wasabi to taste. (I used 1/2 Tbsp of decent paste I'd guess.)

Pour over tuna medallions.
Notes:I didn't bed them on anything as we'd just had a big bowl of hot pot, but I'd probably try noodles, rice or thinly slivered asian cabbage under the medallions if a heartier presentation is desired.

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