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Name:2 Many Garlic Alioli Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:2 Many Garlic Alioli Posted:1994-04-12
Key words:garlic ***** Category:Other
ID:60 Updated:2013-12-26 07:49:57
Ingredients:2 (fresh) peeled garlic cloves
1/2 tsp salt (I use coarse sea salt)
1/4 c good olive oil
1C Roasted Garlic Alioli
Preparation:In a large mortar, crush fresh garlic cloves with salt to a smooth pulp.
While continuing to stir and mash with the pestle, add oil drop by drop (then spoon by spoon) to form an emulsion. Stop just before it breaks. :-)
Add roasted garlic alioli a heaping tablespoonful at a time while continuing to pestle.
Adjust salt to taste, if the mixture is too thick a little more olive oil can be added.
Notes:Added 2 January 2002:

I've taken to always nipping off the root end before cooking, so the hard little nubs don't get in the way later.

Garlic also freezes not too badly. Allioli (smush garlic in a mortar, add oil as if making mayonnaise) and garlic butter last quite a while, and are convenient (especially the allioli) to smear on things before cooking.

Garlic, like joy, should be shared with the one you love.
But for different reasons.

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