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Name:Seafood Curry Soup Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Seafood Curry Soup Posted:2005-11-05
Key words:shellfish Category:Soups
ID:670 Updated:2006-04-05 09:04:45
Ingredients:2 lb manila clams
30 mussels
1 lb 30-40 count gulf shrimp, peeled & veined

2 can (28 oz) clam juice
1 can (14 oz) coconut milk

3 leeks, tender part only, cut in 2" lengths, halved and rinsed
1 medium fennel, halved and thinly sliced, reserve 3 stalks greens

2 Tbs Thai green curry paste
Preparation:Combine clam juice and fennel stalks. Bring to boil. Add shellfish, cook until open. Remove and reserve shellfish.
Strain clam broth and return to pot. Add coconut milk and curry paste.
Boil to reduce, stirring as necessary to prevent burning. Taste frequently, you don't want to over-concentrate the salt.

When reduced by about 1/3 or too taste, add shrimp, cook until pink but not tough (about five minutes? I cooked the shrimp as long as it took two of us to eat a dozen oysters on the half shell).

Return shellfish to pot, heat through, serve forth.
Notes:Carol bought stuff, I cooked. Curried shellfish soup requires no provenance.

If one isn't low carbing, this would be an awesome opportunity to eat vast quantities of crusty bread and toxic garlic butter, if one has had the foresight to make toxic garlic butter.

Feeds 3

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